To Remain Faithful and True

Weddings mark the beginning of anyone claiming that statement:  faithful and true.  What does it look like to be faithful and true to your spouse in today’s world where 50% of marriages end in divorce?  All marriages start off like this video below from Houston wedding videographer Adrian Pereyra at Elect Films.


After the wedding, the battle begins.  The world tugs on everyone’s heart telling them that there is something “greener” on the other side of the fence.  But it’s a lie straight from the pits of hell! Being married is work… bottomline.  Counselors will tell you that marriage is “give and take”, but for a marriage to be truly strong you need to think about marriage as “give and give”.  When you start to look for “what’s in it for me” then you are on loose ground and headed for trouble.

The “give and give” advice was given to me by a wise, long married couple.  And, they are still married today.  Look at the give and give concept like the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive”. When you give, you’ll receive in return.  It truly is better “to give than to receive”.

If couples would take this advice into their marriage, marriages wouldn’t be crumbling.  But, we tend to think of “it’s better to give than to receive” in terms of money.  Time for a change just like it’s time to change the negative shadow on the word “fat“.

Let me just say, that I’m sure the couple in the video is still in the honeymoon phase and that is awesome! (and I’ve been married to the same man for over 20 years)  My desire is that they stay in that love, trust, faithful and honest stage all through their marriage.  But, for marriages to change and stay like what this wedding videographer captured then our mindset has to change as well.

(1) Each spouse must start thinking “give and give”.  No more complaining that they didn’t take out the trash.. again!  You do it!  And, stop complaining.  Trust me on this (he or she) will eventually notice and desire to out “give” you.

(2) Be faithful in all things.  Money, bills, outings, budgets, etc.  Sit down and talk about money, how it will be spent and put a budget together.  If you really want succeed then get the Dave Ramsey program and apply it.

(3) Be honest in all things.  If you are struggling with something tempting (ie pornography, lying, stealing, ethical situations, lust) then tell your spouse!  Talk it through or find counseling.  Don’t let it fester in your heart and life.  Tackle it, extinguish it and get rid of it.  Your marriage will be stronger.

Well.. thanks for listening.

Now, go kiss your husband or wife if you are married and tell them you love them. 🙂



Jennifer_Lawrence_being_called_fatWelcome to a new way to look at the word FAT.


My goal is a social experiment to see if I can get this term trending and changed to something positive.  I mean, if words like “shut up” can become to cool to use why not the word “fat”. Words like “swag” and “sick” now have positive connotation and how did that happen?

So my NEW definition of the word “fat” is:  someone how is faithful and true to a friend, spouse or loved one.

The old definition of fat MUST go!  And, let me clarify that I just mean in regards to how someone looks not the actual definitions of fat as a fatty acid or tissue in the body.

Take for instance this article about Jennifer Lawrence being called fat.

Really?  Seriously?   This just fuels my goal.

So.. journey with me, bookmark this site and lets start a new word revolution!